Compact Alignment System

The Luminos Compact Alignment System is functionally designed as a complete station or as a complement to existing equipment. All units are bolted to a Base Plate making it highly mobile and reconfigurable to meet your application needs. This system offers versatility for a variety of different inputs; with a few adjustments a new project can be effortlessly accommodated.

The high stiffness and stability of positioners affords easy portability while making ultra-precise fine manual alignment possible. The Luminos dual flexure system allows for manual alignment of assemblies with mode fields as small as 2 - 3 µm. The complete Luminos Compact Alignment System is available for your application for less than the cost of a typical isolation station.

Featured Configuration

The Compact Alignment System can be built with any of the Luminos CORALIGN™ 1 to 6 axis manual or automated 5x or 25x Ratio Drive™ positioners. Shown is one I1000 1-Axis positioner perpendicular to two mirrored I6000 positioners. Each I6000 positioner is equipped with a V-Groove fiber holder and Contact Sensor. Fiber holders are intersected by a Vacuum Part Holder set on upon the I1000 positioner. This setup illustrates how the Alignment System can be configured for input/output of optical assemblies and complex waveguides.

  1. I1000 1-Axis Positioner (add YS001 Y Stage for 2 axes of movement)

  2. Vacuum Part Holders

  3. FH003 Extended V-Groove Bare Fiber Holders

  4. Two I6000 6-Axis manual positioners.

  5. Contact Sensing System

  6. BP004-I 14.5"x14.5"x1" solid aluminum Base Plate

  • Stacking a  Y Stage on a I1000 1-Axis positioner supplies an extra 19.05mm  (3/4") of travel in the y axis for extra alignment.

  • Adapter adds additional height where needed.  Custom adaptors are available on request.

  • Adapter Plates AMA001 (requires AMA002) and AMA003 provide a simple way to import existing standard optical equipment into the Luminos Compact Alignment System.