Enhanced Precision

The Luminos stepper motor actuator provides a very high level of precision as a result of integration with the patented Ratio Drive™ technology, providing an incredible 4nm resolution.

Simple Interface

No external stepper motor drivers are required - these slim actuators contain an onboard controller which interfaces directly to any standard USB port.

Software drivers and APIs make it easy to get up and running quickly in a number of development environments (including ASCII and Binary protocols for LabVIEW, Python 3, C#, C++, Javascript, Java, MATLAB and Arduino). The latest drivers and APIs are available here.

Luminos Actuator / Stepper Motor
Manual Control

A convenient knob at the end of the unit permits manual control. During a manual move the actuator constantly updates the connected computer with it's position. If accidental movement is a concern, the manual control can be enabled and disabled via computer control.

Flexible Interface

The actuator is also available with direct connections to the two phases of the bipolar stepper motor (4 wires). Access to a Hall Effect limit sensor permits initialization at a home position. This option allows those with an existing system for driving stepper motors to avoid changing over to RS-232 based control (not recommended for new systems due to the high cost of separate controllers).





















12V DC unregulated 2.1mm center positive plug

Idle: 100mA Moving: 320 mA

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