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Luminos is a Canadian company established in 1996, renowned for its innovation in designing and manufacturing precision flexure-based photonics class nano positioners, alignment systems, direct-coupled moving fiber optic switches, and specialized fiber preparation tools. With its superior patented products and highly specialized manufacturing systems, Luminos excels in delivering high-quality solutions in the photonics and fiber optics sectors. 

Luminos technology is trusted by customers around the world in a multitude of industries including quantum computing, transportation, biomedical systems research and product development, spectroscopy, aerospace, military and defense communications, nuclear power, oil and gas production, land and space telecom, university and private sector research facilities, and countless manufacturing applications.

U Series Ultra Resolution
Nano Positioners

Luminos U Series Ultra Resolution Positioners integrate the Luminos designed ultra precise linear stepping motor actuator to provide a highly stable, open loop, single layer system.


With industry leading 0.1um bi-directional backlash, and incremental move capability finer than 10nm, all without the need for Piezos, Luminos U Series Positioners far exceed SMF-28 waveguide alignment requirements, allowing optimization within 0.01 dB without backlash compensation.

Photonics Integrated Circuit (PIC) Alignment

The Luminos Photonics Integrated Circuit (PIC) Alignment System provides a compact workstation allowing up to four sided alignment for assembly of complex PIC devices.

PIC Alignment System

​Luminos CORALIGN™ Positioners are so resolute and stable that you can easily align singlemode fibers with your hand on the micrometer and they will hold alignment for weeks.

They are the only positioners in the world to use Ratio Drive™ with standard micrometers, achieving a mechanical backlash that is 10X less than the limits of operator sensitivity.

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Luminos CORALIGN™ fiber optic switches incorporate a patented moving fiber design to achieve direct fiber to fiber coupling through either an air or oil filled gap, achieving the lowest Insertion losses in the industry. Losses as low as 0.01 dB (MM) and 0.2 dB (SM) that are only possible with direct fiber-to-fiber coupling. 

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