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D22HC Custom Dual 2x2 Half Duplex Fiber Optic Switch


The D22HC Custom Dual 2x2 Half Duplex fiber optic switch is two half duplex 2x2 optical switches in one switch with an extra path in state 2.  See Switch Overview for detailed information common to all Luminos switching products. 

Optical Connectivity


The following diagrams show the optical connections for the 2 states. The numbers identify the fiber endpoints. If looking at it as 2 single half duplex 2x2s, fibers 1, 2, 7 and 8 make up one 2x2 while fibers 3, 4, 5 and 6 make up the other. Note the extra path connecting fibers 2 and 6.

State 1

State 2

Extra Path

Although most applications do not require the connection between fibers 2 and 6 in state 2, it is often not an issue and in some cases may be a desired feature (e.g. a loopback for self-testing of a transmitter/receiver pair).

Power Off Bypass Application Example

One application of a dual 2x2 half duplex fiber optic switch is to bypass a transmit/receive module that is daisy changed with other modules (e.g. a token ring application). In this application, selecting a reversed non-latching drive type allows the module to be bypassed automatically when power is lost.

Below, the diagram illustrates how inserting a D22HC in a ring or daisy chain topology allows a module to be optically disconnected from the ring or daisy chain while keeping the other modules connected in the same topology. A "ring module" represents any dual channel optical device intended to be connected in a ring or daisy chain.

State 1

State 2

In state 1, the top "ring module" is connected to the "ring" or daisy chain.

In state 2, the top "ring module" is disconnected from the "ring" or daisy chain. Note that the extra path would have no negative effect since it is simply looping a transmitter back to a receiver.

This example could be expanded to have a D22HC providing power off bypass protection to the other two modules as well.



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