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Edge Coupled "T" Alignment System

The Luminos Edge Coupled “T” Alignment System is configurable for through-channel optical alignment of single channel and multiple channel fiber arrays, to various planar waveguide substrates. The “T” configuration denotes the use of Input & Output alignment stages with fiber holders, and a Center stage with a substrate holder, such as a vacuum part holder.

The high stiffness and stability of Luminos Positioners makes ultra-precise alignments possible. Luminos dual compensated flexure systems allow for manual or automated alignment of assemblies with mode fields as small as 1-2µm. The complete Luminos Edge Coupled "T" Alignment System as shown is available for your application for less than the cost of a typical isolation station.

Luminos Edge Coupled "T" Alignment System
Luminos ECT Alignment System
Luminos ECT Alignment System
Featured Configuration
Luminos Edge Coupled "T" Components
  1. I6000 6-Axis XYZ/RYP Manual Positioners, Qty 2

  2. I3000 3-Axis XYZ Axis Linear Positioner

  3. ADP001 3 Axis to 5/6 Axis Adaptor Block

  4. VPH007 Vacuum Part Holder (shown with 5mmx5mmx1.0mm substrate)

  5. FH003-S-1 Fiber Holder, Standard Right

  6. FH003-M-1 Fiber Holder, Mirrored Left

  7. CSS Contact Sensing System, Qty 2

  8. LINR300 Linos 40x300mm Mounting Rail

  9. LINR150 LInos 40x150mm Mounting Rail

  10. LINRC-STG-SI  Linos 40mm Wide Rail Carrier, Type: Stage, includes adaptor, Qty 3

  11. BP006 380x380x25mm solid aluminum Base Plate

  • Adapter Plates AMA003 and AMA004 provide a simple way to use existing standard optical equipment with Luminos Alignment Systems.

  • Use a Luminos I1000 1-Axis Positioner with an ADP004 Adaptor Block to provide a cost effective alternative to the Luminos I3000 3-Axis Center Positioner shown.

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