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FRM2 Fiber Rotator
  • Adjustable Center of Rotation

  • Zero-Backlash Bearing

  • 360 Degree Continuous Rotation

  • Holders for Bare and Mounted Fibers

  • Compatible with Luminos Positioning Stages

Luminos FRM2 Fiber Rotator

The Luminos FRM2 Fiber Rotator combines a precision zero-backlash bearing assembly with a 2-axis tuning module to allow positioning the optical axis of a waveguide to within 1 micron of the rotational axis. The FRM2 offers precision spherical bearings for smooth rotation with minimal backlash, and when equipped with the tuning module provides fine centering to precisely position the core of the PM fiber on the rotational axis. These unique features work together to make aligning PM much easier as the insertion loss holds steady while rotating to optimize extinction ratio. 

Adjustable Center of Rotation

The 2-dimensional tuning module enables accurate positioning of the center of the waveguide at the center of rotation, minimizing signal change during rotation. This adjustability allows a wide range of sample sizes to be accurately centered with a single holder. Utilizing a 2-axis flexure design, the tuning module provides high stability and precision alignment within 1 micron.

Zero-Backlash Bearing

A stable rotational axis is provided with the use of a custom designed zero-backlash multi-axis preloaded journal bearing. Bearing tolerances are held at zero with the use of flexure-based preload elements.

Angular Scale

For determining angular movements, the Rotator is equipped with a graduated dial marked at 10 degree intervals.

Luminos FRM2 Fiber Rotator
Compatible with Luminos Stages

Based on a nominal 2mm projection of the waveguide from the holder, the end of the waveguide is coincident with the rotation center of a Luminos I5000, I5005, I6000 or I6005 stage. The rotator mounting holes are compatible with Luminos I3000, I3005, I5000, I5005, I6000 and I6005 positioners.


Positioning System Accessories



Integrate Luminos and other vendor components

Base Plates


Assemble systems on a rigid, compact surface

Contact Sensor


Measure contact of delicate optical elements and fiber to chip

Fiber Holders


Holds fiber securely during alignment

Array Holders


Hold arrays up to 48 fibers



Easily center the working travel of Luminos positioners

Vacuum Holders


Hold waveguides, optical crystals; built in alignment.

If you don't see the accessories you require, contact us regarding design of components for your application.

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