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I5000 5-Axis XYZ/YP Positioner (XY/4-10nm)
  • Coincident rotation center.

  • Patented Inline actuators provide ease of access and multiple unit workstations.

  • Patented 25x Ratio Drive™ system affords superior resolution for far less cost.

  • Small footprint allows multiple unit workstations.

  • Onboard controller for actuators avoids high cost of separate motion controllers.

  • Damped exterior shell design provides superior vibration and touch insensitivity.

  • Lightweight aluminum construction allows system to be moved easily by other motion equipment.

  • High mechanical stiffness affords rugged and stable base system.

  • Patented linear dual flexure Z offers frictionless repeatable straight travel.

  • Dual flexure Yaw and Pitch stages provide extreme resolution without arc error.

I5000 Manual.png
Superior Performance

Imagine a positioning system so stable and easy to adjust that aligning singlemode fiber optical fibers is as simple as tuning a radio.  No need to let go of the micrometers while adjusting - the I5000 is extremely touch insensitive.  And with the patented ergonomic inline design, all the micrometers are easily accessible on one side - just rest your hand comfortably on the table and enjoy the ease and efficiency of quickly aligning any type of fiber.  No fiber alignment challenge is too difficult - even 1-2 micron core lensed fibers can easily be aligned. This is possible because of the radical departure from conventional design.


Luminos I5000 benefits from the patented Ratio Drive™ while all other stages are direct-drive. A standard micrometer, which has about 1/3 the backlash of a differential micrometer, is further improved by the 25x Ratio Drive™ resulting in a backlash of only 20 nanometers and an incredible single-sided resolution of just 1 nanometer!  The yaw and pitch axes use similar leverage techniques to transform linear motion from the actuator into extremely precise rotational movements at the output.

Conventional stacked stages have separate frames with each frame simply mounted on the output of the previous stage. This results in the stiffness at the micrometer being degraded by the lack of stiffness between the mounting reference and output of each stage below it.  Hand forces on the micrometer are then easily transmitted directly to the output causing the the alignment to wander and typically results in an adjust, release, and wait cycle by the operator.  The I5000 consists of only 2 frames.  The Z stage is one frame while all the other micrometers are anchored to a shared fixed frame that is attached directly to the output of the Z stage.  The Z stage is exceptionally stiff and therefore is not a factor.  By sharing a common rigid frame, forces exerted on the micrometers by the operator during adjustment are transmitted directly to the base instead of to the output.  The operator can then quickly align without letting go.

The I5000 is extremely vibration and temperature insensitive. In an ordinary lab without an optical table, normal temperature fluctuations result in only 0.03 dB variation with no drift in a typical singlemode alignment for over a month.  See Positioner Stability for more information.


With this advanced design, upgrading to automation is easy and inexpensive. The automated version delivers a resolution of 4 nm (0.16 µ-inch) and 0.5 mm (0.02") of travel on the X and Y axes. An additional 2 millimeters of manual travel is also available using the coarse adjustments.  The Z axis provides a larger 12.7 mm (0.5") of travel on the focal axis and a step size of 100 nm (4µ-inch).

If you require more than 0.5 mm (0.02") of automated travel at the actuator on the X & Y axes, consider the I5005.

For more information on the actuators used for automation of Luminos positioners go to Actuator / Stepper Motor Specifications.

I5000 Automated.png
Z - focus
Actuator (Stepper or Motor)

12.7 mm (0.5")


12.7 mm (0.5")