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Fiber Characterization System


The Luminos Bare Fiber Characterization System consists of the Optical Rail System, the precision V-Groove Fiber Holder and CORALIGN™ Positioners. This system allows light to be transmitted and collected reliably and repeatably with secure knowledge of a low loss launch. This System provides an excellent way to characterize specialty fibers.

The Characterization System is highly configurable, fibers of different length and fiber mounts are easily accommodated.  Various fiber mounts and custom rail lengths are available and this system can be built with any of the Luminos CORALIGN™ manual or automated Positioners.

The high stiffness and stability of Luminos Positioners affords easy portability while making ultra-precise fine manual alignment possible. The Luminos patented dual flexure system allows for manual alignment of assemblies with mode fields as small as 1µm.

Luminos Fiber Characterization System

Featured Configuration

Shown are two I3000 3-Axis manual positioners, one equipped with a Ferrule Fiber Holder and Contact Sensor, the other with a top mount Connector Holder. The V-Groove Fiber Holder introduces the bare fiber to the specialty fiber held securely by the Optical Rail while the Ferrule Fiber Holder completes the chain. The two I3000 Positioners provide alignment control and the Luminos Contact Sensing System indicates the zero gap position and displays contact force levels.

  1. Two I3000 XYZ 3-Axis manual positioners

  2. Ferrule Fiber Holder

  3. Optical Rail System.

  4. Contact Sensing System

  5. Top Mount Connector Holder

  6. BP003 4.5"x14"x1" solid aluminum Base Plate

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