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SCS1 Soft Contact Acrylate Stripper


  • Effortlessly strips 250µm dual acrylate from 125µm glass cladding

  • Strips any dual acrylate (including 80/175, 140/250, 230/400 fiber sizes)

  • High strip count

  • Easy and safe to use with no fiber damage

  • Blades do not clog up

  • Replacement blades available

  • Ideal for window and end stripping

Enhanced Compatibility

SCS-1 Tool.png

This finely machined aluminum hand held fiber optic stripping tool meets very high pull test standards and will effortlessly and cleanly remove any length of dual acrylate coating from the glass cladding. This tool features high strip count and replaceable soft contact blades.

Fiber Types

The fiber must be dual acrylate (by far the most common buffer type).

The soft blades work by forming a hole in the blades around the glass. There are no grooves in new blades. The grooves are formed during stripping. The same blades can therefore not only strip 250µm acrylate from 125µm glass cladding (the most common) but any dual acrylate (including 80/175, 140/250, 125/250, 230/400 fiber sizes). However, it is recommended that one pair of blades be used for only one fiber size.

Replacement Blades

Soft Contact Replacement Blades are available for the SCS1. Each blade is precision machined to provide extensive, damage-free stripping of glass fiber acrylate buffer.

With regular, clean environment conditions each pair of blades will successfully strip 1km+ of fiber. Easily installed by the user, these replacement blades are a low cost and low maintenance stripping solution. They are sold in packs of 10 pairs.



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