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VCSEL Alignment System

The Luminos Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) Alignment System incorporates custom Luminos designed VFH Vertical Fiber Holders for coupling to VCSEL’s and other surface coupled substrates.

The system shown is equipped with two Luminos U6S 6 Axis Semi-Automated Positioners, with mirror imaged VFH Vertical Fiber Holders, and a manual Luminos 3 Axis I3000 XYZ Center Alignment Positioner with a Luminos Vacuum Holder, used to mount a representative VCSEL substrate. Custom sized vacuum holders are available on request.

Luminos Nano Positioners offer a space efficient in-line design with all actuators located on one end.  This leaves plenty of mounting space in front of the System to be able to add other hardware such as additional positioners for contact probes or viewing microscopes. The high stability and ease of use enables users to efficiently begin with an all-manual Alignment System, and upgrade to various levels of automation as budget allows.

Luminos Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) Alignment System
Luminos VCSEL Alignment System - Detail

Close-up view of Luminos VFH Vertical Fiber Holders which enable precise positioning of fibers at an adjustable angle of 82 +/-5 degrees to the plane of the substrate surface. This enables optimization between efficient light coupling and ensures minimal back-reflection. For convenience, the Vertical Fiber Holders have the center of rotation located at the tip of the projected fiber, which is also concurrent with the center of rotation of the Luminos 6 Axis positioners.

Featured Configuration
Luminos VCSEL Components
  1. U6S Ultra XYZ/RYP Semi-Automated Positioners, Qty 2

  2. I3000 3-Axis XYZ Linear Positioner

  3. VPH002 Vacuum Part Holder (shown with 10mmx10mmx1mm substrate)

  4. VFH001-S-1 Vertical Fiber Holder, Standard Right 

  5. VFH001-M-1 Vertical Fiber Holder, Mirrored Left 

  6. ADP001 3-Axis to 5/6 Axis Adaptor Block

  7. LINR150 40x150mm Mounting Rail, Qty 3

  8. LINRC-STG Rail Carrier and Mounting Plate for Stage, Qty 3

  9. BP006 380mmx380mmx25mm solid aluminum Base Plate

  • Downgrade from U6S to Luminos I6000 XYZ/RYP Semi-Automated Positioners, Qty 2

  • Use a Luminos I1000 1-Axis Positioner with an ADP004 Adaptor Block to provide a cost effective alternative to the Luminos I3000 3-Axis Center Positioner shown.

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