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Adaptor plates, blocks and posts allow integration of components from other vendors as well as combining Luminos positioners of differing sizes into a complete system. Visit the Applications page to view some examples of Luminos adaptors in use.

Adaptor Plates

Adaptor plates allow you to integrate any Luminos positioner with other types of optical equipment. Each plate is designed as a detachable component which allows other optical equipment to be easily, securely and precisely attached to Luminos positioners.

Luminos adaptor plates are compatible with Thorlabs Multi-Axis Stages Including the NanoMax and MicroBlock series Fiber Alignment Stages. They are equipped with a 3mm wide center slot and rows of spaced 2mm, 3mm and 4mm tapped holes for mounting a wide variety of Thorlabs Keyway Accessories.

Adapter Plates Exxample.png

Adaptor Blocks

Adaptor Blocks allow integration of different Luminos positioners at a common mounting height based on either a 3 Axis or 5/6 Axis system height. The most common is a “T” configuration with Input & Output stages (either 3 Axis or 5/6 Axis) and a Center device Stage (either 1 Axis or 3 Axis), used to position a waveguide or Photonics Integrated Circuit, often held by a Luminos Vacuum Part Holder.