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The CO12 Multimode Center Off 1x2 optical switch is a 1x2 configuration with 3 fibers and 3 states. Similar to a regular 1x2, it has an additional "center off" state with no optical connections when the electrical drive is off. In state 1, with power applied, there is an optical path between fibers 1 and 3. In state 2, with polarity reversed, fibers 1 and 2 are connected. With no power applied, no fibers are connected.


Fiber Type

   Stock Multimode 50/125 or 105/125 Step Index (NA=0.22) fiber can be selected.  Other fiber types are available subject to additional qualification and cost.


Cables and Cable Length

   All cables are 900µm tight buffer and 1.0 meter length.  Custom lengths are available at additional cost.



   Standard voltage of 5 Volts and a 50 ohm coil.  Other options are available on request.

CO12 Multimode

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