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The D12 custom dual 1x2 optical switch is equivalent to two S12 single 1x2 fiber optic switches in one switch that change state together and cannot be switched independently, with 6 fibers, 2 states, and an extra path in state 1.  In state 1, input fiber 1 is connected to output fiber 6 and input fiber 4 is connected to output fiber 3. In state 2, input fiber 1 is connected to output fiber 5 and input fiber 4 is connected to output fiber 2.


The D12C optical switch is labeled custom because of the extra path between 5 and 2 in state 1. In many applications, this extra path has no effect and in some cases can even be used for monitoring. Since this switch has a lower cost than the D12 dual 1x2 it may be worth considering if your application can handle the extra path.


This latching version of the D12C Singlemode switch requires no steady state input power. The switch is set to state 1 or state 2 by a single pulse of 20 milliseconds or longer. Continuous current is preferable to maintain the switched state under high vibrational stress. The latching design retains its switched state during a power loss.


Cables and Cable Length

   All cables are 900µm tight buffer and 1.0 meter length.  Custom lengths are available at additional cost.



   Standard input voltage 5 Volts and a 50 ohm coil.  Other options are available on request.

D12C Custom Singlemode Latching

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