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  • Swinging clamp arm provides top loading with easy access.
  • Settable stops allow use with 2 to 48 fiber arrays
  • Clamp arm is friction loaded to hold any position without risk of it falling.
  • Lateral clamp with roller provides precise alignment with the holder
  • Clearance for wringing in the arrays provides for ease of array insertion
  • Carbide supports provide long wear-free life
  • Precision flatness provides for distortion-free clamping
  • One holder covers all widths of array for ease of upgrade.
  • A front surface centreline is provided to index fiber one with the rotation centre, for easy set-up of stops.
  • The stop assembly is keyed to the base for accurate orthogonality
  • The holder mounts directly to a standard work-plate for easy interchange with other fixtures
  • A three-point mount prevents any coupled warping between plates
  • Tungsten carbide partial balls ground to an optically verified flatness provide an accurate, long wearing, easily cleaned surface.

Universal Array Holder

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