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  • Coincident rotation center.
  • Patented Inline actuators provide ease of access.
  • Patented All - Flexure Drive™ system affords superior resolution for far less cost.
  • Small footprint allows multiple unit workstations.
  • Onboard controller for actuators avoids high cost of separate motion controllers.
  • Damped exterior shell design provides superior vibration and touch insensitivity.
  • Lightweight aluminum construction allows system to be moved easily by other motion equipment.
  • High mechanical stiffness affords rugged and stable base system.
  • Dual flexure Yaw and Pitch stages provide extreme resolution without arc error.
  • Can be used with I3000 XYZ stage to provide a 6-axis system

RYP3000 3-Axis Roll Yaw Pitch Manual Rotational Positioner

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