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The S12 Singlemode Latching 1x2 optical switch is a standard 1x2 configuration with 3 fibers and 2 states.  In state 1, input fiber 1 is connected to output fiber 3. In state 2, input fiber 1 is connected to output fiber 2.


This latching version of the S12 Singlemode switch requires no steady state input power. The switch is set to state 1 or state 2 by a single pulse of 20 milliseconds or longer. Continuous current is preferable to maintain the switched state under high vibrational stress. The latching design retains its switched state during a power loss.


Cables and Cable Length

   All cables are 900µm tight buffer and 1.0 meter length.  Custom lengths are available at additional cost.



   Standard voltage of 5 Volts and a 50 ohm coil.  Other options are available on request.

S12 Singlemode Latching

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