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Vertical Fiber Holders


  • VFH are designed specifically to align fibers orthogonal to the surface of a PIC substrate at a slight angle to minimize unwanted reflections.

  • Angle adjustable between 87 to 77 degrees, or 8 +/-5 degrees off of 90 degrees

  • Fibers rotate about the projected tip minimizing re-alignment after angular adjustments

  • Available as mirrored pairs, ideal for Luminos “T” configurations (I/O + Center Positioners)

  • Fibers are guided in precision Ruled V-Grooves and held in place gently by large area clamping shims.

  • Separate V-Grooves are optimized for holding acrylate coated fibers with a bare glass end section.

  • Narrow V-Groove geometry allows two vertically held fibers to be positioned adjacent to each other

SS013107B VH001-M-1 (iso #1).jpg
SS013107B VH001-S-1 .jpg


The VFH Vertical Fiber Holders are designed to mount onto the I3000I3005I5000I5005I6000I6005 and RYP3000. The Vertical Fiber Holders place the tips of the projecting fiber at a rotation point that is maintained as the fiber angle is re-adjusted. The VFH’s unique design features a narrow profile precision ruled hardened 7068 aluminum V-Groove Block, with two small V-Grooves to guide fibers when loading. The geometry of the VFH’s also allows single or mirrored pair of fibers to be placed within 3 degrees of vertical with the projecting fiber tips located directly adjacent to each other. Dual action flexible shim type clamps make for excellent fiber clamping with a gentle distributed force that avoids fiber damage. Clamping force is set so the fiber is held firmly yet can still be moved within the clamp by the operator to adjust the position of the fiber tip. Spring force is factory preset for working with typical 125/250um acrylate clad optical fibers.  See Luminos Vertical Fiber Holders in use as part of the VCSEL Alignment System Application.



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