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Narrow Array Holder


  • Narrow tip design specifically to enable compact “X” configuration PIC alignments with up to 4 fiber arrays converging on one substrate.

  • The NFAH holder is compatible with Luminos single fiber FH003 fiber holders to enable orthogonal single and mult-channel alignment configurations.

  • In-line configuration provides space and access for overhead microscopes and contact probes

  • Vertical and horizontal clamp arms provide ideal kinematic holding of arrays against alignment surfaces

  • Optimized for 1 – 16 fiber arrays

  • Clamping pressure is provided by miniature ball bearings

  • Clamping knobs are located on the ends of NFAH for ease of adjustment

  • Clamp arms are spring loaded to maintain position with adjustable clamp pressure

  • Clamp arm knobs are located on the end of the holder to keep the optical area clear

  • Clamping force on the Array is very precise yet allows array to be moved once mounted

  • Fiber #1 is located at rotation center of Luminos 6 Axis positioning stages

  • Slotted mounting holes allow adjustment of rotation center alignment to a specific fiber channel

  • Preload is applied to the array using 4mm OD precision ball bearings

  • Spring loaded side and top clamp arms provide top loading with easy access

  • Holds fiber arrays of typical size with 1 to 16 count

  • The holder mounts directly onto the standard mounting plate of Luminos Positioners

PT023168B NFAH.jpg
PT023182A NFAH.jpg

NFAH with Clamp Arms in closed position for operation

PT023183A NFAH OPEN.jpg

NFAH with Clamp Arms in open position for loading


Package length (excluding fiber)
Package width
Fiber to fiber spacing in the array
Flatness accuracy across the 16 fiber package
Holder contribution to Orthogonality between device and holder


3.8 to 9 mm

250 µm

1.0 µm

0.3 degrees



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